Do you enjoy shaving? Or Just looking for some shaving tips?

Shaving can be quite a hectic task for men. This is because it is tricky for most men to get a clean and smooth shave outside the barber’s shop. What men do not realize is that it is quite easy to get a clean shave from the warmth of your bathroom.

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Mens’ shaving is a process the requires the right products and technical knowhow that is considered a personal skill. The mens’ shaving tips below if followed will ensure a smooth, clean shave for all men.

  1. The skin should be well prepared in advance. To get a clean shave, men should not overlook this process. This is because it is very important to get their skin pores open. Hence it is advised to get that shave after or at the end of a hot shower. The hot water makes the skin soft and opens the pores ready for the shaving exercise.
  2. The quality of the shaving cream matters a lot too. It is advised that one should get the glycerine-based creams that are well known to soften and open the skin pores. Menthol based creams should be avoided as they are notorious for closing up pores thereby causing pimples after shave. When applying the cream, men are advised to use the cream brush in a circular motion. This helps to open the pores further and lift the whiskers as well.
  3. A wet beard always ensures a good shave. So, men should wet their beards thoroughly before they shave. This reduces the probability of getting ingrown hairs.
  4. The quality of the razor matters a lot too. It is important to always use a sharp razor. Gillette Mach3 Turbo is a highly recommended 3-blade razor. It is also advisable to change one’s blade once in a while. Changing the blades frequently ensures high quality germ free shave.
  5. The razor should be used properly. To get a clean shave, use your razor with the direction of hair. However, for a closer shave, one should use the razor against the direction of hair growth, though by doing this one stands a higher risk of sustaining a cut.
  6. To get a closer shave with minimal or no cuts, one should use a lot more lather from their brushes. More cream should be used too. Beware that over-shaving results in skin irritation, a razor burn and shaving rashes. So this process should not be overdone.
  7. After shaving, the skin is vulnerable. It is important to cleanse and soothe it at this stage. Rinsing the face with warm water and using a facial wash with tea tree oil goes a long way in soothing the skin.
  8. The final rinse should be done with cool water. Dry your face by patting it dry with a soft towel. Please do not rub your face with the towel.
  9. Lastly, apply After shave lotion. This should be a good quality moisturizer that is effective in replacing the lost moisture.

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Have you tried a low carb diet before?

An important distinction that must definitely be made is between low-carb and grain-free. Both of these are frequently lumped together and so the argument is created that grain-freeis unhealthy since it is lacking-carb.

Certainly, you could consume a high carb grain-free diet, or perhaps a somewhat low-carb diet with grains. With regard to comprehending the health facets of either diet, they ought to be separated.

You are aware how Personally i think concerning the risks of grains, so for the time being, let’s just address the reduced-carb aspect.

There is a ton of information out there regarding low carb, specfically keto based diets at

If you’re wondering why we gain weight from carbs you’re not the only one. But we’ll get to why near the end of this article!

Can Reduced Carb Affect Your The body’s hormones?

Short answer: Yes. However this can differ broadly by individual and could be both negative or positive, with respect to the person.

Many people (a really portion of my clients) who jump into reduced carb from the high carb diet are experiencing some thyroid-like unwanted effects a couple of days or couple of several weeks after switching for example fatigue, coldness in limbs, hair-loss or any other problems.

In my opinion, these customers are also ones who went low-carb for weight-loss reasons and frequently come with an underlying hormone problem to start with.

Oddly enough, for individuals who’ve completely normal bloodstream results, adding a great deal (like Standard American Diet a great deal) of carbohydrates to this diet can make these signs and symptoms disappear. This clearly implies that low-carb isn’t good of these individuals…. right? Not a chance! And really can often mean just the opposite.

I’ve observed with clients that individuals using the worst “carb flu” at first either had lots of weight to get rid of or had a fundamental hormone discrepancy, which realistically, these folks would benefit the best from going low-carb over time. Regrettably, due to the carb flu, these folks frequently were built with a to consider a gentle road to low-carb, or even the signs and symptoms could be overwhelming and they’d be excessively fatigued.

For any very long time, I considered this slow-transition an issue, and found several things (adding natural salt in to the diet, taking magnesium and gelatin, etc.) that made the transitions simpler.

Why does this happen with people?

Blood insulin resistance

Decreased basal body’s temperature

Less strong than usual heart contractions

Check out more information regarding Ketosis and Glucose and how they affect you when it comes to burning fat.

So No Low-Carb or go for it?

It is not what I’m saying whatsoever, and in comparison to the quantity of carbohydrates that an average joe consumes nowadays, “low-carb” is certainly much healthier. I still advocate getting rid of grains, since, carbohydrates or otherwise, there’s no requirement for grains.

Is lifting weight healthy overtime?

We get this question alot, is lifting weights something that will keep you healthy overtime or is it just going to wreck your joints as you age?

The short answer is yes, there is nothing wrong with lifting weights. But there is a certain amount of protection you need to take while performing these exercises. But what about muscle building? Well that’s why so many love the Tetosterone Booster Testo XL.

First you should get a check up with your doctor to ensure you have no ongoing medical issues you aren’t aware with and two you should put in the time and effort to ensure you find a weight lifting program that is suitable for you.

So lets say you get you are cleared to do weights, now what? Which program do I pick as there is so many different choices out there! You could go with something like Stronglifts, or you could follow what is currently trending for example NFL Superstar Patrick Willis routine.

No matter what or who you decide to follow you need to first ensure you are up to the challenge and pace of the program you select.

Just remember once you do find the program that is right for you, ensure take the proper time to learn form. As like anything but especially with lifting weights, form is key because if you don’t use proper form you could seriously injure yourself!

Anyways good luck on your journey and remember to lift safely!

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